Your Task

You have been employed to write a spectator's pamphlet explaining how one Olympic sport is played. The pamphlet is to include information about the equipment needed by the athletes, what athletes do when competing and some important rules of the sport.


Here are some websites that may help you:

  • kidcyber Olympics pages
  • You should also search for other websites about your chosen sport, and use books, and other library resources.

The Process

Write some questions to focus and guide your research. For example:

  • What equipment is needed for ______?
  • What venue is used for the sport?
  • Other questions will begin with Who? When? How many? and so on.

Print some kidcyber data charts, then write your questions and make notes and sketches that will help answer each question. When you have enough information, start writing yout text for the pamphlet making up your own sentences. Arrange the sentences in a satisfactory order.

Don't forget to check your spelling. Have your teacher check your first draft before you start the on the final draft for the pamphlet. (You might ask other students or adults to proof read your draft and suggest changes or additions too!)


A pamphlet is usually one sheet of paper. Yours can be A4 size and folded any way you like. Both sides of the paper is used for text. Find suitable small illustrations,or do your own drawings, to help explain and illustrate your text. Copies of the completed pamphlet will be shared with class mates who will listen while you talk briefly about the sport. (Don't just read it!) They will be invited to comment on how well your pamphlet has explained the sport.