Netball was based on the game of basketball

Basketball, early in the 20th century, was a men’s game so netball was developed in 1901 as a women’s game. Today both men and women can play both games, though it is still mostly played by women.

Netball was first played only outdoors, but the game is now played indoors and outdoors. Games are generally played in four quarters of 15 minutes each.

Who plays netball?

There are seven players on each team, and each player has a position to play. Each position has a particular purpose and has a particular part of the court to stay. The positions are: Goal Shooter, Goal Attack , Wing Attack, Centre, Wing Defence, Goal Defence and Goal Keeper.

Scoring a goal in netball

A goal is scored when the ball is thrown through a hoop by a player standing anywhere in a half circle marked on the ground around each goal post. There is a goal hoop at each end of the court, one for each team. Only the Goal Shooter and Goal Attack are allowed to shoot the goals. After a goal is scored the ball is returned to the centre of the court and the player in the position of Centre throws the ball from a centre circle marked on the ground.

Some rules of netball

The ball cannot be thrown from one end of the court to the other because it must be touched in each third of the court. When a player catches the ball, other players must stay at least 1 metre away. When a player catches the ball, only 2 steps can be taken and then the player cannot move their feet until the ball has been thrown, and it must be thrown within 3 seconds.

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