In my community there are many people who have another language as their first language. They have come to live in Australia from many different countries. They learn to speak English when they come here and they also speak their original language.

Are You Sleeping?  

We think you will know the tune of this song! Listen to it here:

Church bells ©iStock

Church bells ©iStock

In the song, the church bells are ringing to call people to come for the morning prayers.

But where is Brother John?                        Did Brother John sleep in?                         Or perhaps he has just forgotten the time!



Sing this song in different community languages!


This is the song in English:

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?  Brother John, Brother John,              Morning bells are ringing, morning bells are ringing,                                                 Ding Dang Dong....Ding Dang Dong

In French: 

Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques,            Dormez vous? Dormez vous?             Sonnez les matinees, sonnez les matinees,                                                   Ding Dang Dong... Ding Dang Dong


In Greek:

Arthefo Yianni, Arthefo Yianni,              Mipos kimase? Mipos kimase?                 Proi kapanes akome, proi kapanes akome,                                                       Ding Dang Dong... Ding Dang Dong


In Italian:

Fra Martino, campanaro,                        Dormi tu? Dormi tu?                              Suona le campane, suona le campaneDin-don-dan, din-don-dan


In Dutch (The Netherlands)

Broeder Jacob, Broeder Jacob,              Slaapt hij nog? Slaapt hij nog?                   Alle klokken luiden, alle klokken luiden   Bim bam bom, bim bam bom

In Chinese: 

Leang je louw who, leang je louw who,   Pow der quai, pow der quai,                      Ee ju may yow er door, ee ju may yow er door,                                                             jun how shouw, jun how shouw. 


Try singing the song in the different languages of your school community!


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