When the fire alarm sounds, firefighters drive fire trucks to where a fire is burning.

Using hoses, the firefighters spray water or chemical foam onto the flames to put the fire out. Using ladders the firefighters rescue people from fires.

Firefighters also rescue people who are stranded or trapped in dangerous places. They can cut openings into buildings and into crashed cars so that they can free any people who are trapped inside.

Firefighters help to prevent fires from starting by burning off grasses in forests.

Firefighters visit schools and other places to tell people about fire safety. They make sure that fire fighting equipment and alarms in your school are working properly.

Firefighters train volunteers and teach them:

  •  how to fight and prevent fires          
  • how to rescue people
  • how to use breathing apparatus
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Firefighters use radio and computers to communicate with each other and to get extra help.

They wear uniforms, breathing apparatus and protective clothing when fighting a fire. They practice driving the fire truck, how to use the hoses and ladders every day. All fire fighting equipment is checked each day to keep it clean and in good working order.

Firefighters water bomb a bushfire

Firefighters water bomb a bushfire

Firefighters work in groups and there is always a firefighting group on duty. They live at the fire station so that they are always ready to help. Firefighters must be strong, brave and healthy.  

Fire fighters study at colleges to learn how to prevent fires and how to put them fires. They learn how to use axes, chain saws, fire extinguishers, ladders, and other tools. They study local building codes and emergency medical procedures, such as first aid.

To call for help to a fire service.                              In Australia dial 000.   It is a free emergency call.

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