kidcyber Dewey WebQuest

Task 1

After reading about Melvil Dewey online at

Complete this page by filling in the blank spaces.

When was Dewey’s birthday? ____________________

City where he was born ______________

Dewey died in _________

How did Dewey prefer to spell his last name? ___________

How many main subject areas did Dewey use for his system? _______

Why do you think so many libraries decided to use Dewey’s system?


When was the first ever library school founded? ________

Write about another of Dewey's achievements.



Task 2

Look online at

Read how Dewey allocated a hundreds number to particular subjects.

Complete this page by putting a circle around the correct Dewey hundreds number for each subject

Arts                         500s          700s          400s

History                 700s          200s          900s

Religions         200s          300s          500s

Dictionaries      700s           400s        100s

Animals                800s           200s         500s

Sciences          900s          400s          500s

Travelling in other countries

                                   900s          700s           300s

Folk tales and fairy stories

                                   100s           200s           300s

Medicine        600s           800s            200s

Go to the shelves and find books the have a Dewey number in the 600s

What are three subjects that the books in the 600s are about? 

____________________       _________________________     ________________________


Task 3

About call numbers

A call number is the 'address' of the book or item on the library shelves.

In the Dewey System the items are arranged in numerical order starting at 000 and ending at 999.

The Dewey number forms the first part of the call number.

Go online to see how Dewey extended each of the 500s numbers like this 500, 510, 520 and so on

Find the Dewey number for MAMMALS in 590s

Write the Dewey number given to items about mammals.

Then, imagine that you are the author. Complete the call number for your book about mammals by writing the first three letters of your family name under the Dewey number.

 Dewey number                             ____________________

3 letters of your family name         ____________________

Now: Go to the non-fiction shelves and find the books that are about MAMMALS.
Record the details for one of the books you find there.

Set it out like this sample.

Brown, John. 2003, Mammals of Asia. World Press, London

(author)                             (date )                                          (Title)                             (publisher)                                                (city of publisher)                             




Task 4

Do you remember?

  • The call number is the book's 'address' on the shelves.
  • It is made up of 2 lines.
  • The Dewey number is on the top and the first 3 letters of the author's last name are under the Dewey number.

Beside each book title below write the call number for each book.

Find the Dewey number first!            Clue: they’re all in the 500s


Astronomy for Beginners

    Ruth Nightsky

A House On My Back

     Imove Slowly


Precious Metals

     Ina Rock


With Teeth and Claws

        T. Rex


Make up some more fun titles about Dewey subjects and share with friends to write the call numbers !