High jump ©Getty

High jump ©Getty

The word decathlon comes from two ancient Greek words meaning 'ten' and 'feats'. A feat means an extraordinary achievement.

At the ancient Greek Olympics, there was a pentathlon event of five sports: long jump, discus, javelin, sprint and wrestling.

The first decathlon was run at the 1904 Olympic Games.

Shot put ©Getty

Shot put ©Getty

The athletes are called decathletes, and the winner is generally known as the best athlete in the world because that man has shown excellence in such a variety of sports.

On the first day, the decathletes start with a one hundred metre sprint.

The next event is  the long jump, followed by shot put.

Hurdles ©Getty

Hurdles ©Getty

Then there is a high jump event and the last event of day one is a 400 metre run.

On the second day, the decathletes complete a 110 metre hurdles race, followed by a discus throw.

The next event is the pole vault and then the javelin throw.


The last event of the decathlon is a 1500 metre run.

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