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Woolly mammoths lived in the period of time on earth known as the Ice Age. The elephants of today are in the same family.

There were different kinds of mammoth. The first mammoths appeared about 2 million years ago, and have the same ancestor as the Asian elephant. The last mammoths lived on an island near Siberia about 4,000 years ago.

Woolly mammoths had bumps on their heads, a sloping back and long woolly fur. Both males and females had long tusks, some up to 4m long. Some tusks were straight and some were curved. Like the African elephants of today, their trunks had two finger-like endings to help them pick things up. Their teeth were flat like those of today's Asian elephants.

Woolly mammoths were hunted by prehistoric humans, who used their meat and wool, and also used their bones and tusks to make huts to live in.

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