Tigers Killed for their Body Parts
One of the main reasons for tigers being endangered is that some people believe that medicine made from tiger parts is very magical.
They are also killed for their fur for floor rugs or clothing.

It is illegal to kill tigers.

There are modern medicines that do the same, or better, job than traditional medicines made from tiger parts... it is not necessary to kill tigers for medicine.

Body Part
Bile Medicine to cure children's convulsions
Blood Medicine to strengthen willpower and health
Brain Medicine to cure pimples and laziness
Claws Used to make good luck charms, jewellery
Fur For ornamentation, burnt to get rid of centipedes
Gallstones Medicine for weak eyes, abcesses on hands
Stomach Medicine for upset stomachs
Teeth Good luck charms, treating rabies and sores
Testes & Penis For tuberculosis of the lymph nodes.
For male strength.
Whiskers Medicine for toothache

Do not buy products made of tiger parts!

It is killing the world's tigers and driving them to extinction.

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updated September 2007