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Before the 1700's people had to use their own strength, and the power of animals, wind and water when they wanted to build, move anything, or transport themselves and their goods. Then, in the mid 1770s, a steam engine was invented that burned fuel to produce heat energy. In a boiler, water was changed into steam, and when the steam expanded it's energy could be used to make an engine work.

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James Watt was an inventor and engineer. He invented an improved steam engine.

One use of the steam engine was in transport, powering trains and boats as well as cars and buses. It was also used in mines, and in factories where it drove machines to make many different kind of products.

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Steam is used here to drive a motor on a sewing machine

In the boiler room onboard a steam ship in the 1800s, these men shovel coal into furnaces to make steam energy that drives the engines.

In the 1800s, steam engines powered the machines in factories like this one. A steam engine provided the energy to drive machinery at coal mines like this one in the 19 century.

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