Italian Artists  Name:

Your Task
You work in a new art gallery. The person in charge of the gallery has made you responsible for one room in the Italian section of the gallery. You are to choose one important Italian artist some of whose works will be exhibited in this room. You are to give regular talks to visitors about this artist. The first part of your task is to decide which artist! Italy is famous for its artists over many centuries.

Look at pictures of Italian artists and choose an artist whose work you like, then focus your research on that one artist.Here are some useful websites about various Italian artists.

You may use books or videos as well.

The Process
Once you have chosen the artist whose works will be placed in your gallery, you will need to do some research. Remember that you will have to develop an interesting talk about the artist. Click here to get the data chart on which you will make notes as you find information. Once you have enough details under each question, make your notes into sentences. Write your own sentences, rather than copying what someone else has written. Now organise the sentences into a good sequence. Polish these sentences until you have a format you are pleased with. This will be your talk.

Presentation Choices
You will present the talk that you would give to visitors to the gallery, together with some pictures of the art works you would have on display. You can do this as a power point presentation if you choose. You will need to make some comments about the art works as you refer to them. Remember that the display is just in one room, not the whole gallery, so it is not necessary to have many art works. You will also have a map of the room and some drawings to show how you would display these art works.

Once you have finished your presentation, think about how you worked during this project, and fill in the self assessment form. Then discuss your work with your teacher.