Inventors and Inventions: an alphabet

Adams,Thomas (USA) Chewing gum 1872
Appert, Nicholas (France)
Canned food 1810
Arimura, Kunitaka (Japan) and Mareno, Roland (France) Smart card 1982

Baird, John Logie (Scotland)
Television 1926
Bell, Alexander Graham (USA) Telephone 1875
Benz, Karl (Germany)
Early petrol-driven vehicle 1885
Birdseye, Clarence (USA)
Quick-frozen foods 1924
Biro, Laszlo (Hungary)
Ballpoint pen 1938
Booth, Hubert Cecil (UK)
Vacuum cleaner 1901
Budding, Edward (UK)
Lawn mower 1830

Carlson, Chester (USA)
Photocopier 1938

Clarke, Graeme (Australia)
Bionic ear, now called Cochlea Implant 1978 (Read about the Bionic Ear in kidcyber here)

Cockerell, Christopher (UK)
Hovercraft 1959
Cole, Henry (UK)
Christmas cards 1843
Colvin, L.O. (USA)
Milking machine 1862
Cooper, Martin Mobile phone 1973 Go here:
Cristofori, Bartolomeo (Italy)
Piano about 1700

Daimler, Gottlieb (Germany) Early petrol-driven vehicle 1884 Motorbike 1885
Debenham, Mike (Australia)
Pop-top can 1973
Diesel, Rudolph (Germany)
Diesel engine 1897
Dunlop, John Boyd (UK)
Produced first pneumatic bicycle tyres 1889

Edison, Thomas (USA)
Phonograph 1877 Electric lamp 1879
Electric valve 1883 Talking motion pictures 1912
Read about Thomas Edison in kidcyber here)

Fahrenheit, Gabriel Daniel (Germany) Mercury thermometer 1714
Faraday, Michael (UK)
Electric motor 1821
Fermi, Enrico (USA)
First nuclear reactor 1942
Fleming, Alexander (UK)
Discovered penicillin 1928
Florey, Howard (Australia) and Chain, Ernst (UK)
Produced antibiotic penicillin 1944
Focke, Heinrich (Germany) Helicopter 1936
Ford, Henry (USA)
Assembly line production of cars 1913
Forlamini, Enrico (Italy)
Hydrofoil 1906
Franklin, Benjamin (USA)
Bifocal spectacles 1784 Lightning conductor 1752

Gabor, Dennis (Hungary)
Holographs 1948
Gagnon, Emil and Cousteau, Jacques (France)
Scuba apparatus 1943 Galilei, Galileo (Italy) Thermometer 1592
Geiger, Hans (Germany)
Geiger counter 1908
Gutenberg, Johannes (Germany)
Printing using movable type 1450

Harrison, James (Australia)
Domestic refrigerator 1862
Harrison, Samuel (UK)
Steel nib pen 1780

Hill, Lance 'Hill's Hoist' rotary clothes line 1945
Read about the Hill's Hoist in kidcyber here)

Hoffmann, Felix (Germany)
Aspirin 1897
Hughes, David (USA)
Microphone 1878
Huygens, Christiaan (Netherlands)
Pendulum clock 1657
Pocket watch 1675

Jacuzzi, Candido (USA)
Jacuzzi hydro-massage 1930
Jenner, Edward (UK)
Vaccination 1796

Laennec, Rene (France)
Stethoscope 1816
Larrey, Dominique-Jean (France)
Ambulance 1792
Lenoir, Etienne (France)
Internal combustion gas engine 1859
Lexon, Ben (Australia)
Winged yacht keel 1983
Lilienthal, Otto (Germany)
Hang glider 1891
Lister, Joseph (UK)
Antiseptic surgery 1865
Lunstrom, Johan Edvard (Sweden)
Safety matches 1850

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