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The following are now available:

A Storytelling Guide: Ideas and activities to get you started as a storyteller. And this one's free!

Looking at Thailand: A cross-curriculum unit that guides students in years 3 - 6 to investigate aspects of Thai culture and society using inquiry learning. Includes some reproducibles and evaluation checklists.

All kinds of bears: An inquiry learning based cross-curricula unit about bears for Years K - 6. Includes art, music and drama, as well as maths, English and science activities.

Fonix is Phun! This product provides loads of ideas to add fun and variety to the basic, regular teaching task of introducing and reinforcing single sounds in K- 2 classrooms.

Poet-Pourri: A practical guide to help you teach the writing of poetry in junior primary – junior secondary classrooms. 45 pages including 15 reproducibles.

And in preparation: Looking at Vietnam; Looking at Indonesia.
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Advertising: a guide to analysing television and print advertisements
Aeroplanes the First Powered Flight,1903

Air transport
Aluminium cans
The Aussie ute (utility vehicle)

Australian inventions and the inventors: a kidcyber weblink page
Hargrave, Lawrence inventor
Hill, Lance Australian inventor of the Hill's hoist rotary clothes line
Hill's Hoist
Hydro electricity
Industrial Revolution,
a kidcyber weblink page
Inventors who named inventions after themselves
Inventors and Inventions: an alphabet
Iron and Steel

Lister, Joseph
Rail transport
Renewable energy
Recycling see Plastic, Aluminium cans
Richardson, Mervyn Australian inventor of the Victa mower
Road transport

Bell, Alexander Graham an inventor of the telephone

Bionic Ear
Black Box Flight Recorder
Books: how are they made?
Braille, Louis
Bridges: a kidcyber weblink page
Magnets and magnetism:
a kidcyber weblink page
Meucci, Antonio an inventor of the telephone
Microwaves and microwave ovens
Milestones:radio and TV
Science Experiments: a kidcyber weblink page
Scientists: a kidcyber weblink page
Ships: a timeline
Silk production
Silver see Precious metal
Solar energy

spinning & weaving

Television Q & A
Toilets, history of

Toys and Games, a Timeline
Toys and Games, a weblinks page
Traditional spinning, weaving
Transport timelines
Typewriters, history of

Chinese Inventions
Clark, Graeme Australian inventor of the bionic ear
Clocks a
kidcyber weblink page
Communication, ways of
Computers, history of
Computers in Australia:a timeline
go to http://www.australianhistory.

Edison, Thomas Alva American inventor
Electric drill the first in the world, invented by an Australian

Experiments see Science Experiments: a kidcyber weblink page

Gold see Precious metal

Nuclear Energy and other forms of alternative energy: a kidcyber weblink page
Paper a kidcyber weblink page
Pencil sharpener
Pointe ballet shoes
Precious metal
Utility vehicle (an Australian invention 1934)
Victa Motor Mower

Warren, David Australian inventor of the black box flight recorder
Watt, James
Wind energy
Wind farms 

Wright Brothers

And More about inventors
Some 20th Century Inventions: a timeline with links to information about the inventions and inventors

Links to some other inventions

Inventors who name inventions after themselves or family

Can't find the information or needing help planning your project/assignment about an inventor or an invention? Ask a kidcyber researcher!

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