About Greece: the land and the wildlife

Greece is a country in southern Europe. It has borders with Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Greece has many mountains and is crossed by four short, swiftly flowing main rivers. In parts of Greece where the land is rich and fertile, farmers grow wheat, cotton and vegetables. In other places where the land is rocky and barren the farmers graze sheep and goats.

The highest mountain is Mount Olympus which is 2917 metres high. Its slopes are covered with pine forests. The ancient Greeks believed that Mount Olympus was the home of Zeus, the king of their gods.

In the woods and forests on the rugged mountains there are wild animals such as deer, wolves,
badgers, lizards and snakes.



golden eagles are found in parts of Greece

Birds of prey such as eagles, hawks and vultures are found there too. Tall poplars and pines, cyprus trees, chestnuts and fir trees grow throughout Greece. Olive trees are grown almost everywhere for their fruit which is eaten or made into oil.

Hundreds of islands in the Aegean Sea and in the Ionian Sea are also part of Greece. Most are mountainous and rocky but are popular with tourists who come to enjoy the warm summer climate and the many fine beaches.

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