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 A Trip to China  Name:

Your Task
You are going to write a book entitled A Trip to China. Your book will include the following:

page 1. A Title Page,

page 2 A Table of Contents,

page 3. An Introduction which tells readers briefly (just a few paragraphs) about China and what they can expect to read about in your book.

pages 4 - 15 will be 6 double page spreads, one about each of the following:

the main Chinese cities, transport in China, religions, Chinese food, animals and plants of China, agriculture and industry in China.

The next few pages (you can decide how many) should feature some of the sights of China that a visitor would want to see. eg The Great Wall, Beijing, The Terracotta Warriors, The Forbidden City etc.


What to do
1. Go here to find the data chart pages for your research. You will compile questions for research and make notes on the data chart.
2. Print the page

Go here for an information page about How To Use the Data Chart

3. Photocopy as many pages as you need.
4. Pose the questions to guide your research
5. Show your questions to a teacher and discuss whether they are comprehensive enough to enable you to complete the
6. Undertake your research, checking in regularly with your teacher for advice about the notes you are making. ASK for help when you need it. HELP others when you can by sharing resources.
7. Use your notes to write the draft text for each page of the book.
8. Have someone read your draft text and make corrections where necessary.
9. Construct the text pages adding appropriate illustrations, photos, diagrams etc. Include a bibliography. This is a list of all resources you used for research.
10. When all the pages are done, get someone to read them again and make corrections before you staple the pages together to form a book.
11. Design a cover for your book and write a blurb for the back cover.

Display your book for others to read. Read it to others, Talk about it, and answer questions that others may ask.


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