Water Biome: Some animals of Freshwater habitats

Freshwater biome is found in every continent. The animals and plants are different in each.

Members of the crocodilan family are found in freshwater wetlands in a number of countries such as Africa, Australia and parts of the USA.

Crocodiles generally stay in more salty water near river mouths, but some are found in freshwater habitats. Alligators are mostly found in freshwater wetlands and rivers.

Many other kinds of reptile such as snakes and lizards, and crustaceans such as yabbies, live in, on or near freshwater habitats.

Frogs and turtles and tortoises are generally found in and near rivers, streams, ponds and wetlands.

Fish, such as the Murray cod, and the larvae of many insects, for example dragonflies, also live in freshwater.

Birds live and feed on or near freshwater wetlands.

Common, or River Hippopotamus ©[2008] Jupiterimages Corporation

In Africa, hippopotamus live in water during the day and come out at night to feed.

 The common hippopotamus lives in water holes and rivers in the grasslands, and the pygmy hippopotamus lives in water in the rainforest.

In parts of eastern Australia, platypus are found in rivers and streams.

Freshwater habitats support many different kinds of animal.
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