Bear Facts: more kinds of bear

Brown Bear

What do they look like? They are big bears. There are more brown bears than any other kind of bear. Some are dark brown and some are light brown. Grizzly bears are one kind of brown bear.
Where do they live? Brown bears are found in many countries: the USA and Canada, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. There are a few in places like India, Turkey and China. 
What are their habits?   Brown bears are alone most of the time. At some times of the year there is lots of food in one place, and the bears eat together.  
What do brown bears eat? They eat grass, fruits, bulbs, roots, plants, insects, fish and small animals. If they find dead animals, they will eat them.
Life cycle  Cubs are born in winter or spring.They live in a den that the mother makes.  

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Giant Panda

What do they look like? They are not very big bears. Their fur is mostly white. They have black fur on their ears, on the back and legs and around the eyes. 
Where do they live?  Giant pandas live only in some mountains in China. 
What are their habits?  Most of the time Giant pandas live alone. They have to spend a lot of time eating to get enough goodness from their food.  
What do Giant pandas eat?  They eat only bamboo leaves and sticks. They eat lots of bamboo every day. They have a special bump on their hands to help them hold the bamboo stalks.  
Life cycle A panda cub is very tiny when it is born. The mother holds it in one paw close to her chest.
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Polar bears

What do they look like?  They are the biggest kind of bear. Their fur is all white. Their feet are big to help them swim. Their fur is very thick so that they do not get cold.
Where do they live?  Polar bears live in places near the North Pole where there is ice all year. 
What are their habits?   They are alone most of the time. Sometimes when there is a lot of food in one place, polar bears will be together to eat. 
What do polar bears eat?  They eat meat. They hunt animals such as seals and walrus. If they find a dead animal they will eat it.  
Life cycle When cubs are born they live inside a cave that the mother makes in the snow. They come out with their mother when they are two months old.
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Sloth bear


What do they look like? They are medium size bears. Their fur is long and shaggy. It is brown and grey. 
Where do they live?  Sloth bears live in India and other countries near by. 
What are their habits?   Sloth bears live alone most of the time.  
What do sloth bears eat?  They mostly eat ants and termits. They also eat fruit and plants, eggs, insects and honey. 
Life cycle  At first, cubs live in a den that their mother makes. They ride on her back, holding on to her long fur.

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