Fruit and vegetables in Australia

After wheat, fruit and nuts, vegetables and flowers make up the second largest rural production industry in Australia. These goods are exported (sold) to many countries including India, Japan, the USA, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Oranges, table grapes and apples are exported (sold) to many other countries as are asparagus carrots and cauliflowers. Macadamia nuts are exported and so are Australian native cut flowers.

Wine made from grapes is exported to many countries including the USA and Great Britain, New Zealand and Canada.

Avocados, bananas, and mangoes are major crops and Asian fruits such as custard apples, lychees, papaya, passion fruit and pineapples are also grown and sold to other countries.

Citrus crops of oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes grapefruit and tangelos are grown in all Australian states except Tasmania.

Apples and pears, table grapes, peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries and berries are the most important fruits grown in cooler parts of Australia.

A very wide range of vegetables is grown in Australia. Asparagus, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, onions and lettuce are all major crops.

Australian tomatoes are exported (sold) to other countries

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