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Captain James Cook 1728 - 1729

James Cook made three voyages to the Pacific Ocean. The first was in 1766 when Cook was commander of HM Bark Endeavour.

He was the first European to explore and map the eastern coastline of Australia. Be also made maps of the Hawaiian Islands, and was the first to circumnavigate (sail around) New Zealand.

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Matthew Flinders (1774 - 1814)

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Dirk Hartog (1580 - 1621)
Dirk Hartog, a Dutch explorer, was one of the first European explorers to visit Australia. In 1616 Hartog, landed on an island off the coast of Western Australia. The island is now called Dirk Hartog Island.

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Paul Edmund de Strzelecki (1797 - 1873)

Strzelecki arrived at Sydney on 25 April 1839. He made surveys of the Gippsland region in what is now called Victoria.
He made the first discovery of gold Australia in 1839.
Also in 1839 Strzelecki explored the Australian Alps and the Snowy Mountains.
From 1840 to 1842, Strzelecki explored nearly every part of Tasmania.

Some places named after him are: Mount Strzelecki, in the Northern Territory, Strzelecki Peak, on Flinders Island, The Strzelecki Highway, in Victoria and the Strzelecki Desert, east of Lake Eyre in South Australia.

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Douglas Mawson (1882 - 1958)

Mawson explored the Antarctic. Read about him on this
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