1st Commonwealth Parliament was opened on 9 May 1901 in Melbourne's Exhibition Buildings,

Australia's Prime Ministers

1901 to 1904
 Name  Edmund Barton
 Term of Office  1/ 1/ 1901 - 24/9/1903
 Party  Protectionist
 Born  Sydney 1849
 Education  Sydney Grammar School; Sydney University
 Profession  Lawyer
 Notes 1879-87 NSW Legislative Assembly
1883-87 Speaker of House
1891.Leader of the
federation movement . Member of committee drafting the Constitution
1900 led Australian delegation to London to present Constitution to British Parliament
1901 Australia's first Prime Minister, also Minister External Affairs
1903 resigned & became a senior judge in the new High Court of Australia, and held that position until his death in 1920.

 Name  Alfred Deakin
 Term of Office  24/9/1903 - 27/4/1904
 Party  Protectionist (Liberal)
 Born  Melbourne 1856
 Education  Melbourne Grammar; Melbourne University
 Profession  Lawyer, writer
 Notes  1880  Victorian Parliament
1883 Minister for Public Works & Water Supply
1900 Member of Australian delegation presenting draft constitution to British Parliament. Attorney General of the new Commonwealth
1902 Acting Prime Minister.
1901-1914 Was anonymous Australian correspondent for London Morning Post newspaper

 Name  John Watson
 Term of Office  27/4/1904 - 17/8/1904
Party   Labor
 Born  Chile 1867
 Education New Zealand 
 Profession  Compositor
 Notes  Moved to Sydney from New Zealand at 19. Active in union movement.
At age 23 was president of Sydney Trades & Labour Council, then president of Labor Party Conference.
1894 Elected to NSW Parliament
1901 Elected to the new Federal Parliament
1904 Became first Labor Prime Minister. Was PM just 4 months.
Remained in Parliament till 1910. Expelled from Labor Party for his support of conscription in World War 1. Died 1941.

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