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Wheat is a grass.

Australia grows lots of it on big farms.

We sell it to other countries.

Ripened wheat is ground to make flour.

Flour is used to makes bread and pasta and lots of other foods.

Wheat is the largest grain crop in Australia. Most wheat varieties grown in Australia are sown in autumn and harvested in summer. Australia is one of the top ten wheat producer in the world. About 16 million tones is produced in most years. The annual value of the crop is about $ 2 billion. Most of Australia's wheat is produced in New South Wales and in Western Australia.

Australian wheat is exported to many countries including Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Korea and Japan.

In Australia the wheat is used to make flour, as stock feed, and as seed for the next year's crop.

Wheat is grown from seeds. After ploughing the paddocks to break up the soil, the farmer uses a tractor to pull a machine called a drill that plants the seeds into long ditches. Fertiliser can be added to make the wheat plants grow.

The combine harvester cuts down the plants and separates the grain from the rest of the plant. The straw or hay is used to feed farm animals.

As the plants grow, a head of seeds forms at the top of the plant. It hardens and ripens.

When it is ready, the farmer uses a combine harvesting machine to collect the ripe grain.
The harvester pours the grain into trucks

The combine harvester is driven throught the paddocks where it cuts the wheat, cleans and separates the seeds or kernels from the rest of the plant.

The dry plant, or hay, is used to feed farm animals.

The ripened wheat is stored in silos until it is sold.

It is thought that wheat was first grown about 11 000 years ago in the Middle East, in countries we call Syria and Iraq.

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