ome basic facts about modern Egypt

Where is Egypt?
Egypt is in northern Africa. The Mediterranean Sea forms one of its borders. The Red Sea, Libya and Sudan are on other borders.

How many people live there?
There are about 69 million people in Egypt. The main language is Arabic. The main religion is Islam, and there are some Christians.

What sort of government is there?
Egypt has been a republic since 1953, with an elected government. The Head of Government is a president. In March 2011, new laws were passed regarding the power and election of a president and limiting a president to no more than two terms of six years.

The parliament, where government meets to make laws, is located in the capital city of Cairo. It is a huge city, crowded with people. Travel around the city is by train, bus and car.
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How do the Egyptian people live?
Some people live in villages of mud-brick houses and work as farmers. Others live in cities in apartments in buildings of steel, stone and glass

Some live on farms, where they grow barley, beans, fruit, cotton and lentils. Rice and sugar cane are grown too. Farm animals include buffaloes, cattle, goats and sheep.

Many people earn their living catching fish.

In factories, workers produce aluminum, cement, chemicals, fertilizers, food products, iron and steel, and textiles.

Egypt sells oil, cotton, fruit and vegetables, rice, and textiles to other countries.

A Bedouin with his flock of sheep

Bedouins (say bed-uh-wins), a nomadic tribal people, move around in the deserts of Egypt with their herds of animals. Many Bedouin live in goat-skin tents.

a Bedouin tent

What clothes do Egyption people wear?
People wear the traditional dress of long flowing robes or in western style clothes, including jeans and sneakers.
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What is the weather like in Egypt?
The weather in hot and dry in summer and mild in winter.

What is Egyptian food like?
Egyptian dishes are tasty and delicious. Some favourite foods are kofta (ground meatballs), kebab (grilled meat), mulukhia (green soup), tahina (tahini) salad, hamam mahshi (stuffed pigeon), baba ghannoug (tahini and eggplant), mixed green salads, stuffed grape leaves, and kusheri (rice and lentils mix).
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