Golf is played on a golf course and players walk the course, hitting golf a ball with golf clubs until they come to one of either 9 or 18 holes.

Their aim is to hit the ball into a hole on the green. They try too use as few shots as possible to reach get the ball into the hole because the player who takes the least number of shots wins the game

Golf clubs

A golf course has 9 or 18 holes.

A golf course has 9 or 18 holes.

There are three main types of clubs: irons, woods and putters.

Irons have a head made of steel which is set on an angle. Irons are numbered depending on the sharpness of the angle, the higher the number the sharper the angle. Irons are used for hitting the ball shorter distances.

Woods have a wooden head or one made of light weight metal, and are used for longer shots.

Putters have flat, iron heads. They are used on the green to putt (hit) the ball into the hole.

Golf balls are very hard and have small dimples on them. They are 4.26 centimetres in diameter.

Golfers carry their golf clubs in a bag or in a buggy with wheels. Getty Images

Golfers carry their golf clubs in a bag or in a buggy with wheels. Getty Images

How to play golf

Players hit off from an area known as the tee. Up to 4 players can play together. Each player hits a ball down a long stretch of grass called the fairway, to the green. The green is a smooth, mown area of grass containing the hole. Sometimes a green can be a sandy place.

Once each player has hit the ball into the hole they move to the next tee and hit off again. The player who takes the least number of shots to complete the course is the winner.

A player in a sand trap

A player in a sand trap

Traps for players

Around the course there are sandy traps and watery areas where a golfer might accidentally hit the ball. It takes more strokes to get the ball out of these areas and back onto the fairway or the green. The ball is sometimes hit into trees which are around the course too.

Scoring in golf

Each hole is given a number representing the number of shots it should take a good player to get their ball onto the green and into the hole. This is called par, and a hole can be par 3, par 4, or par 5. A player who takes one less hit than par for a hole scores a 'birdie'. Two less strokes then par for the hole is called an 'eagle'. One more hit then par is a 'bogey', and two more than par is a 'double bogey'

History of golf

Golf began in Scotland in the 1400s and players hit stones, not balls. There were similar games in Europe but the Scots thought of the idea of hitting the object into a hole. The game spread around the world and there are now golf clubs and golf tournament almost everywhere. Golf started in Australia in the 1820s when Scottish people migrated here. The first golf course was built in Tasmania in 1839.

An Olympic sport
The Rio Games in 2016, will be the first time for golf to be played at the Olympics since the 1904 Summer Olympics and it is to feature two events, the men's and women's individual events.

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